Thursday, August 25, 2011

Udi's ... loving the options :)

And the taste ...

I seriously have so many posts I want to write - from products we have tried to restaurants - some revisited some new ones visited ~ even one I never should have visited ~ to more info on traveling in Jasper, some more great memories ... so awesome to be able to travel safely.  :)

I am going to start with an Udi's Gluten Free Foods  product post - I even have a few of these ~ I truly have come to appreciate the quality and taste of Udi's products.  This post is about making an easy peasy pizza!!  On their pizza/flat bread crust ~ we were shopping in a local Save On Foods and I actually came across this product in the bakery section in a cooler, separate from all the gluten containing breads.

Along with the pizza crusts we picked up some Hunts tomato paste, Grimms sausage - ham and garlic sausage and the ham sausage rounds, some lactose free cheese and some fresh mushrooms. 

Threw them together:

Baked for about 8-12 mins at 350 degrees -

And ta da - a quick supper, or awesome side, and actually the next morning cold a great breakfast treat!  The Udi's pizza / flat bread crust is a thinner crust - would make awesome pizza bread sticks also - has a slightly chewy and pleasing texture and is delicious!!

The Udi's Brand has some great products - and with more being researched and baked up all the time -GLUTEN FREE - and for us even better Lactose free - the best of both!  I love the consistency of the Udi's products - the crusts on their breads, pizza crusts and buns are slightly chewy.  Their products do not crumble away in your hands as I have found with some other brands, hold quite well when adding cheese and condiments to burgers and such and have a delicious taste I have yet to find something comparable to.

A definite thumbs up for Udi's Gluten Free Foods and for the Pizza/flatbread.  :) 

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