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RE: Trip to Jasper - in Nov 2010

RE:  Our trip to Jasper - November 2010

Our trip to Jasper was lovely - too short ~ but lovely to get completely away, the mountains are always a good for my soul experience, for I find them so majestic, awe inspiring ~ I am a nature lover anyway, nothing pleases me more than to go for a walk down by the river valley or on some forest (or mountain) path and just take in all that is around me. The weather in Jasper was not that great - actually a blizzard on our way in on Friday night, cold and wet for the most part ~ but when we went for our jaunt to Athabasca Falls on Saturday the weather cleared for a few hours and it was so beautiful. Really humbles a person and trully makes you thankful for the simple beauties we have around us, we are very blessed to live in a place where there is so much natural beauty and breathtaking views a few hours away.

Eating in Jasper - or I should say eating out in Jasper gluten free was a 50/50 crap shoot this trip - the first lunch we had at a restaurant called Papa George's (it was on the internet as a gluten free choice) unfortunately the staff on that day were not as careful (?) or knowledgable (?) to gluten free eating ~ and both of us were a bit unwell after our meal. Surprisingly my guy (not a diagnosed celiac but we believe definitely has a Gluten sensitivity - and an already known Lactose intolerance) even more than I. So we were a bit skittish when it came to choosing a supper place, we were tired and cold from our few hours out in the beautiful fresh air, so we took a chance ~ went and talked to the front desk at our Hotel (The Amethyst) and they said the restaurant in the hotel (Anthony's) was very aware of gluten free eating and would be accomodating. So we went to our room and made the choice to stay in the hotel and eat ~ and it was lovely. They were more than accomodating, felt very safe in the knowledge of the staff and the chef ~ our meals were delicious and we felt no ill effects at all afterwards - I would go back and eat there anytime - no matter where we would be staying. So the get away was lovely ~ did have a few ups and downs but then doesn't everything?

ADD:  I am looking forward to going back to Jasper - they did have more options for dining out that I would be interested in trying, as well as there is a  Nutter's in the town that had some great options for gluten free snacks AND items for cooking or preparing (if you had a kitchenette or were camping).  I think as this was one of our first trips as a couple away and having to find options eating gluten free - it did not go too badly ~ and look forward to going back - Jasper is a beautiful area.  :)

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