GF Edmonton

I am new to setting up a fun but functional blog - so bear with me :)

I wanted to clean up my front page a bit so I am working with learning how to make pages and tabs ~ transferring the bulk of the information on to easy to click tabs and links.  These lists will grow:

I am so appreciative of the valuable resource people become when they open up their
lives and experiences to others facing the same issues - so thank you:

Edmonton and area Gluten Free BLOGGERS 
(only Gluten Free Edmonton and Tasty and Gluten Free are regular bloggers - but a lot of information on other sites as well)


Gluten Free Shopping Edmonton:


  1. I really enjoyed your links to some of the gluten free places in Edmonton.

    Posting about these gluten free programs is very valuable to most of us out here interested in the subject.

    Thanks again.


    Eric Reidy

  2. Best gluten free pizza & potato skins in Edmonton so far I had was at Steakout Restaurant. So good:)