Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pearl River Restaurant

Pearl River Restaurant - 4728 - 99 Street  ~~ Phone: 780-435-2015

I had read about Pearl River Restaurant on sites of other bloggers such as Gluten Free Edmonton and Gluten Free Chickie and wanted to give it a try.  One of the things I did miss about eating gluten is to have really awesome Chinese food - Wok Bok was so fast food and often seemed to make me feel a bit ill, and then I heard about Pearl River.  I no longer miss out on eating amazing Cantonese - Chinese food.

We were given the opportunity to go with a group of gluten free dining friends - of which Gluten Free Edmonton wrote an awesome blog post about, and we had such a delicious and positive dining experience ~ Kevin and I have been back time and time again since then.  Pearl River is our "comfort eat out yummy place" ha ha - the food is always delicious and I never get tired of eating that amazing "Shrimp in Paradise Sauce" ... seriously folks it is so awesome and so cool that it is an item that is "breaded" (with potato flour) and "deep fried" and so yummy and still safe for us celiacs!  Heaven I call it - ha ha but seriously yes I call it Heaven.  ;) 

It is also a great experience dining in or taking out ~ the owner of Pearl River - usually the gentleman you speak to at the front of house, seats you, takes your phone orders, and so on - is so accommodating ~ never once did I feel out of place eating there or feel like any of the servers did not understand what I meant when I said "I am a celiac and have to eat gluten free" ~ a lot of their dishes are made gluten free on a regular basis, so they have a number of menu items to choose from.  

We have eaten there often since our first time way back in February ha ha - and have even started introducing others to Pearl River - Kevin's mom (not gluten free eater) came with us last month for an awesome meal - we could order the whole yummy meal gluten free and all share, and be so satisfied with everything.  I do have my favorites however - the amazing "Shrimp in Paradise Sauce" the shrimp are large and tender and sauce which is an interesting mix including mayonnaise and a touch of curry is just a creamy delight.   I also have grown very fond of the beef and broccoli and the chicken and black bean sauce - both full of tender meats and full of perfectly cooked vegetables.

It's always a good eats whether we dine there or get take out ... the service is great ... and quick and pleasant and the food is delicious.

I love Pearl River - if you like Cantonese - Chinese food - you will too!  :)
Big thumbs up for this restaurant - 

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  1. That is awesome that you keep on going back! We do not make it back to Pearl River often. But I agree, that paradise shrimp is amazing!