Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kinnikinnick's Blog Post ... a must read ...

This blog post by Kinnikinnick's "The Gluten Free Insider" titled ~ Please stop dismissing the Gluten Free Diet is a well written article that breaks down by themes some of the common misconceptions and media "wording" when the "gluten free diet" is written about in today's media.

As a celiac, as it was pointed out, we raise our glasses to more awareness about Celiac Disease and gluten sensitivity - unfortunately as this article so clearly points out there is a tonne of misconception and negativity towards people going gluten free ~ so it is refreshing to have a company and manufacturer like Kinnikinnick's stepping up and standing on the side of the benefits of being gluten free ~ whether it is a requirement (as with Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity) or a choice.

I enjoyed reading how they pointed out that any "diet" can be healthy or unhealthy - it is all in the execution.  There as so many healthy choices out there to eat - gluten free or not ~ that in reality it comes to being educated, informed, and making those choices.

There are many more strong points in the article - like making sure if you do have a problem with gluten you get diagnosed - for undiagnosed celiac disease can be life threatening, that the gluten free lifestyle is not a choice it is a "life long requirement". 

It is a great article and I wanted to make sure I blogged about it and gave it my two thumbs up support ~ I echo the comment of "Gluten Free Edmonton"  that it is "Glad to have you on our side helping to dispel any myths about the diet".

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I certainly agree ...


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