Monday, June 12, 2017

Sherwood Park's Gluten Free Cravings Event - reporting :)

Sherwood Park hosted their CRAVINGS Event this past weekend - and honestly if you have never been I would be watching for it for next year's event. This year they had 30 booths - that comprised of restaurants, food trucks, grocery stores, specialty stores, online markets, grocery delivery and also information booths like the Edmonton Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Society

We were delighted to not only find out more information about places we have shopped at, but also to find many new options. 

Though we only bought a handful of products to use and cook at home we tried to scoop information from the booths for future reference. The following is a  

If you love salmon Sgambaros Signature Seafood has some great products, the smoked salmon and salmon burgers that we had a taste of were fabulous - and the three mustard dill sauce was awesome, had to have some of that sauce to take home. 

We tried a sample of the WOW Factor Desserts Gluten Free Turtle cheesecake - mmmmmmmm - and I grabbed the sizeable menu they had on display. At first I was like - well they only have a handful of Gluten Free cake ideas then I was like AWESOME they do have a handful of Gluten Free ideas. Perfect for that family or friend event where we sometimes lose out when it comes to dessert - pick up one of these delicious specialty cakes or cheesecakes and you are set.   

Another amazing dessert company is Nabati Foods - all their products are ~ gluten free ~ dairy free ~ egg free ~ soy free ~ refined sugar free - making traditional desserts like cakes, cookies and brownies with high quality natural ingredients. 

Other great specialty dessert options that we sampled at the show:
~ Celebrate Gluten Free Bakery - desserts and breads  
~ Choclination - regular & sugar free handmade chocolates
~ Phil's Fudge Factory 
~ Screamin Brothers - Allergy friendly frozen delights

Product Information and samples from companies like: 
~ Young Living, Glow Juicery, KGW Enterprises - Kettle Corn, Arbonne, 4-Elementos - coffee distributor, Marge's Country Kitchen - delicious Ukrainian Gluten free cream and meat sauces, Urban Perogies
~ Thrive Life - Clean and simple freeze dried foods
~ Fruits of Sherbrooke - non for profit that collects Urban fruit
~ Save On Foods - were sampling the Range Road Meats Gluten Free sausage,
~ Kinnikinnick - gluten free facility
~ Epicure - All products now 100% gluten and nut free 
~ Torill's Table - Premium Waffle Mix Gluten Free - makes a thin crepe like waffle or pancake - yum. Also available at the Spinelli Italian Centre Shop :) - a local & organic grocery delivery service

And the eateries:
~ Wild Wing - they had awesome Salt & Pepper, and Honey Garlic wings for samples - oh so good - we would travel to get these, and they gave us a sheet for the Sherwood Park location for what is gluten free, I will post as the site can be a bit hard to see what is. 

~ Fifendekel - Carries gluten free bread for sandwiches as well as at the moment they have one gluten free dessert item. 
~ Pasta Pantry & Trattoria - gluten free pasta, salads and even meatballs  
Food Trucks -
~ Preserve Food Truck - we did not get a lot of info about this truck.
~ Calle Mexico Restaurant - has a restaurant and also a food truck - we were informed there are many gluten free items.

All in all it was a great event and glad we made it out this year, we love having options as celiacs. :) 

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