Monday, January 30, 2012

A night at "Jubilations" ...

I was invited by a few friends to go to the new show playing at "Jubilations"  ~ what is Jubilations some may ask ~ it is a dinner theatre.  In this case the show that is playing now - From Jan 27/12-Apr 1/12 is "Glee"  ~ so at this dinner theatre the concept is a bit more unique than some others I have been to ~ it is called an "Interactive Dinner Theatre" so the actors all stay in character the entire time and do actually serve you the four course meal through out the evening.  It is quite entertaining and the show was fabulous.  I won't give too much away about the content and the show but will say that it was a pleasure to sit and watch such a talented group.  Now for the food ... being a celiac and going to a dinner theatre just takes an extra step or two ... like making sure you call ahead and speak to them about your dietary restrictions.  I called the box office a couple days before we were to go and that seemed a sufficient amount of time to call ahead. 

It was a good experience talking to the young lady on the phone ~ she didn't even hesitate when I let her know I was celiac and right away said oh yes we can definitely accommodate and put me on hold for about half a minute which she reached for the options that they have.  She let me know that my salad was fine but would come without the dressing, the soup was ok as is, gave me a choice between a couple entrees and once finding out I have a lactose intolerance as well ~ suggested the fruit plate was the safest option for my desert (which I am use to haha) ~ so all set.  I was to tell my server/actor when I arrived that I had a special meal ordered and they would take care of everything from there.  All good.

So when we arrived ~ I let "Thomas Singer" our actor/server know about the special menu and he already was fully aware and definitely gave me a sense of "safety" if you will ~ one that sometimes lacks in any eating out situation ~ but I felt as if I was in good hands and settled in to enjoy the show and the food.

We were served a butternut squash soup "Schoop's soup" for our first course and as it was already gluten free it was all good.  It wasn't by any means a thick or filling soup ~ but it was very tasty and had a warm smooth winter soup aroma ~ quite enjoyed it and will have to think of making some up at home one chilly evening.  Then we were treated to our salad course "Sue's Salad" ~ when he brought out the huge trays of salad - my "special" no dressing salad was being held by his hand and I took it from him ~ that way it wasn't even on the same tray as the others ~ it was a simple green salad ~ had the add of mandarin orange slices ~ and a cucumber ~ it was a bit plain I found without a dressing.

As we are all being served and eating ~ on the stage and around us in the aisles there are little skits going on ~ the odd song being sung by one of the main cast of characters ~ so quite entertaining.  Then after our salads ~ the first act (first part of the story) and when the lights came up our main entrees were already heading up the aisles with our server/actors.

For my entree I ordered the Prime Rib dinner "Baritone Beef" ~ and as I was told this dish was also prepared gluten free - the gravy being thickened with corn starch.  The prime rib, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables that we all received were very well done, the Prime rib was succulent and not too fatty - the gravy was delicious and the seasoning on the vegetables and mashed potatoes was just right.

Then the Second Act ... Our desert ... my "fresh seasonal fruit plate" of pineapple, grapes, watermelon, honey dew melon, strawberries, and cantaloupe was tasty enough ~ though in truth just fruit - it would be nice for restaurants, dinner theatres etc to be able to give more options for those that have gluten and dairy sensitivity ~ they do have a celiac friendly cake and Ice cream options for those with just a gluten sensitivity  ~ and I just noticed now that they do have an orange sherbet on their menu (being lactose friendly) but as I wasn't offered this option may not be celiac friendly?  I will have to call and just inquire on that to note for future shows.  For I definitely intend to go back to Jubilations - there dinner theatre evenings are priced well and the evening is an enjoyable one ~ entertaining and I have to say they served at least a one thumbs up meal ~ satisfying me enough that I would definitely recommend the evening and the service to others.

The show was awesome ~ if you enjoy musicals ~ this one rocked, I enjoyed their choice and mix of songs both older and new ~ and I can't say enough how blown away I was by the amazing voices of the main characters.  Seriously impressive!

Thumbs up for Jubilations and giving this celiac girl a great evening!  :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

De Lux Burger ... WEM ... revisited

Well I know a while back I wrote how much we truly enjoy the 142nd location of Delux Burger ~ while our first encounter at the West Edmonton Mall location left something to be desired ... well things have changed since then and I thought I should update my post and rewrite a review on Delux Burger Bar in West Edmonton Mall (WEM).

The WEM location has an added benefit over the 142nd street one for the fact that they had the room to be able to put in a dedicated fryer ~ therefore they have a much larger selection than at the other location now.  It's nice that they have an awesome MENU printed up with all these selections now ~ that because of being so different than the paper on the table menus it helps reinforce to the waiters and waitress' that you are ordering from the Gluten free menu and gives a bit more ease of mind when ordering in such a busy establishment.  We have eaten at the WEM location more than once ~ have retried the burgers there which I am happy to say have come along way from our first taste test and have traveled to the juicy and tasty burgers that we so love from the 142nd street location, it's been great ~ and the added plus - we can order FRENCH FRIES!!!  Both the Sweet Potato (Yam) Fries and the regular French fries can be ordered because of the dedicated fryer and they are awesome.  Homecut style fries that are crispy on the outside and melt in your mouth soft on the inside.  It is funny but before I was diagnosed I wasn't a big fry eater ~ but it is surprising what you can crave when it becomes a little harder to attain ~ and these fries are delicious.

Besides the yummy "Guilt Free Burger"- which consists of:
 7 oz. Heritage Angus beef, caramelized onions, portabella mushrooms, gluten free bun
(I didn't get a picture of the Burger because my guy ordered this and dug in before I realized I would like to take a couple pictures ha ha) 

I have become very fond of the:
Century's Lollipop Chicken Wings
Seasoned crispy drumettes, spicy sambal plum dip

 I find for me that is a great quick lunch or supper - an order of the chicken wings and a half order of the fries ~ yum ... not the healthiest alternative I have to say ... but sometimes we just need to indulge and have our burgers, wings and fries ...

I would definitely comment that the WEM location has come a long way since I first sat down to try a burger there ~ and their service is timely and always have had an awesome wait and serving staff ~ they are attentive and friendly ... A definite plus to the dining at Delux Burger Bar ... at either location.  :)

So Delux Burger Bar - West Edmonton Mall Location - On Bourbon Street - REVISITED - REVIEWED - and given a thumbs up ...


Friday, January 20, 2012

Press'd Sandwiches

I seem to have a list of things I want to write about ~ which I will ~ but not a lot of energy right now, working on that ~ so I thought I would take a prime opportunity and pull in a guest writer to talk about the sandwich place called "Press'd" that is making an awesome effort to accommodate the gluten free community.  I don't work downtown so I can not take advantage of this new offering but oh so glad that my guy has another option to eat downtown during the week ~ Hooray for Press'd ~

So to introduce my guest writer: KH - my guy and his experience with the new "gluten free option" at Press'd  :)

"Press'd Sandwiches introduced a gluten free sandwich option at the Edmonton City Center Mall location starting on January 9th. The location on Jasper Avenue and 112 Street had already been serving a gluten free option, but it took a little more time for the City Center location to come up with a safe gluten free sandwich without risk of cross-contamination.  After a campaign using social media as a source of input, Press'd City Center decided to create one of their signature sandwiches each day with a limited number of them safely created as gluten free. 

I was able to take advantage of this on their first day, heading down to City Center Mall and getting one of their Club Press'd sandwiches on Kinnikinnick gluten free bread.  You can order either a half or a full sandwich order... the half size sandwich being the size of gluten free bread (which is naturally smaller), and the full order being two sandwiches.  The sandwich was prepared in a separate area in Press'd, on the opposite end and very clearly away from the area where the other sandwiches (and breads) are handled and made.  The club sandwich had the addition of tomato, lettuce and cheese topped over ham, turkey and bacon.  I ordered the full order, and found that it provided me with more than enough to eat.  With the advances being made in creating gluten free bread today, the quality of the bread was great, and the sandwich was delicious.

Working within close proximity of City Center Mall, Press'd provides an easy and affordable gluten free lunch option for me.  In addition, many of my coworkers frequent Press'd for lunch as well, so having a gluten free option at a place that we all can enjoy is amazing."

Thank you so much for writing this review for me ~ and for anyone with a facebook link make sure you check out the Press'd link - as they post up each weeks menu for the gluten free options each day for the week, so you can even plan ahead which day you would like to take advantage and go and try out a sandwich for lunch!  :)