Thursday, August 9, 2012

Second Cup ... A GF Find :)

I wanted to report a good experience at the Second Cup - 8902 149 Street Northwest location - The owner AJ was giving out samples of cakes they are carrying ~ of course being celiac and gluten intolerant ~ my guy and I had to decline. 
He came back to our table with a packaged biscotti he wanted me to try - he just started carrying - plans on bringing in another flavor as well ~ it was so awesome! When I hesitated because the packaging was clear so I could not read it ~ he went and got the box so I could see that it had gluten free on the side of the box ~ I didn't take pictures but will be going back again for coffee soon and I can have a biscotti with my coffee!!! 
It's a start ... just want to advertise and hopefully others will go to this Second Cup location and others because of this and maybe they will start carrying even more gluten free goodies for us to have with our coffee and teas!  :) 
Certainly made this Celiac Girl Smile :)  Thank you AJ from Second Cup :) 

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  1. Awesome! You will certainly have to share a pic when you go back.