Monday, September 28, 2015

Solstice Seasonal Cuisine - Gluten Free

Solstice Seasonal Cuisine on 124 Street - 

We had the delightful opportunity to go out with friends and dine at the newer restaurant Solstice ~ and looking forward to going back.  
As they comment in their mission statement - they use fresh local seasonal ingredients so their menu does change throughout the year, to reflect the earth's seasons.

After emailing and then reserving on Open Table - both times noting the gluten free and no cross contamination requirement for dining - we were excited to go and try out this charming restaurant.  I have to say the service was excellent right from the moment we sat down, our server very knowledgeable in our requirements and what the chefs were creating in the kitchen.  And all the delicious plates that came to our table did not disappoint - delicious.
Presentation was eye catching - even the drinks had a special touch.



These dishes were from their Spring/early Summer menu - and just taking a look at their new menu for the season now - I think it is time for another visit soon. 

Solstice Seasonal Cuisine

10723 124 Street

Edmonton, AB

T5M 0H2

Friday, September 25, 2015

Vivo Ristorante - Gluten Free Evening


Vivo Ristorante 18352 Lessard Road - We went with another couple - Vivo caters to delicious food made to share ... great evening with amazing food 
~ Fine dining suited to a special evening where the company and food are the focus. ‪#‎glutenfree‬ ‪#‎yegfood‬ ‪#‎yegeats‬ ‪#‎celiac‬

Our party all ate gluten free this evening ... and the service was excellent - the manager (when we questioned the olives that came to the table) even delighted us with a great story of how their olives came from Turkey through connections for their restaurant.  

vivo ristorante
Hawkstone Plaza
18352 – Lessard Road
Edmonton, Alberta T6M 2W8
Ph: 780.756.7710
Twitter: @vivoristorante

Block 1912 - A European Cafe

When out in Old Strathcona - Whyte Avenue - we always love to stop by Block 1912 and see what ‪#‎glutenfree‬ goodie we can have with a great cup of coffee or tea latte - this Panacotta did not disappoint. Yum  ‪#‎yegfood‬ ‪#‎coffeeyeg‬ ‪#‎celiac‬ ‪#‎oldstrathcona‬


Block 1912

10361 Whyte Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB — T6E 1Z9
780 433 6575

Posting on a Blog - do people read it anymore?

I am an avid instagram poster - which I share on Facebook and Twitter when I post about places that I have eaten at successfully gluten free, and sad to say I have ignored my blog.  I know my Facebook page also shares to my Twitter account ... which it posted on here as well, I am sure I could set it up that way if I were more Tech savvy.  :)

Short blog burbs about the great places we have eaten or products we have tried, it will have to be a 2016 goal now as 2015 is into the fourth quarter.

Do people really even read blogs much anymore?  I know when I do a search on my phone on certain things I still get directed to a blog or two so I just need to figure out how to post on multiple formats at the same time.

So much happens in life - so much happens in my gluten free world - places, experiences, things you learn and question - it is a good thing when we share.

I need to figure out how to get back in the groove of sharing ... life has a way of hitting us off of our good intentions.  And boy does it whip by ... hard to believe my last post was  in 2014 - I thought that had to be wrong.  Sadly no ...

Time to start shoutouts for all the great places we have eaten ... places, experiences, people who do the gluten free right should be praised and thanked - Restaurants that take that little extra special effort to keep us safe should be acknowledged ... this is important - to our health both physically and mentally.

When we can go out with friends and enjoy good food - or sit down with family and share - means so much to all of us.  Sharing gives us all a spark in life.

I promise to share more.