Monday, August 29, 2016

Gluten Free Travel - Coeur D’Alene, Spokane, Seattle

Time to get blogging again and what a better way than to have a little help from a friend. ;) My girlfriend Michelle was wonderful to provide an email with some travel info to get me motivated to get back onto my blog on a regular basis.

I know when I travel, being a celiac the first thing I do is start a google search for gluten free dining in the places we are going.  And I find actual REAL people information, whether reviews or blogs to be so very helpful.  

I have close friends, Michelle and Gerald, that also love to travel and as I have been a bit neglectful in posting about traveling and eating gluten free as a celiac she has graciously passed on some information from her last trip, with the promise to also supply me with more info as they take trips - so nice of her. I have kind of separated it into three blogs to keep the areas they visited and passed through together.  These will be a first of my new Gluten Free Travel posts - as I will start setting up my own travel experiences the same way.

So as we kind of just sprung with this idea - these first posts won't come with pictures of food she ate - but good to have the first hand account of places that were successful in dining or shopping for someone with Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance. And I am pretty well just posting this as written ... as the comments are not my own experiences.

We would love to take a trip to Seattle ourselves one day so it was awesome to at least have a bit of a heads up in case we also decide to take the drive that way. And then I will also have a blog started to fill in our experiences as well.

Coeur D’Alene
Rivelle’s River Grill – had the burger, food was good.  Well informed about celiac disease and cross contamination.  Sat on patio.  Nice ambiance.

Huckleberry’s Natural Market - grocery store with lots of gluten free products 

Café 56 & Elliott’s Oyster House 
~ Café 56 is the walk-up window ~ gluten free indicated on menu with patio seating.
Had the rockfish taco’s… so good!
~ Elliott’s Oyster House is nicer dining with seating inside and outside along the water, Puget Sound.  Had the king salmon and oysters.  Very good!  I think their menu indicated gluten free as well and server was well informed. 

Seattle (Millcreek location)
China City Restaurant (again a chain restaurant) with gluten free options on menu in the restaurant and server aware of celiac needs
I think I had a salmon dish. The full menu is not online ~ just shows appetizers and desserts.

Seattle (Millcreek) – 
Central Market - grocery store with lot of gluten free products.

MMMMmmmmm I really want to go to Seattle and try that Cafe 56 & Elliott's Oyster Bar - I am a big seafood lover and that restaurant looks amazing with choices.

Thank you Michelle for all the awesome information.  :) 

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