Monday, August 29, 2016

Gluten Free Travel - Peachland, Kelowna, Golden

I know when I travel, being someone with Celiac Disease the first thing I do is start a google search for gluten free dining in the places we are going.  And I find actual REAL people information, whether reviews or blogs to be so very helpful.  

I have close friends, Michelle (also a fellow Celiac) and Gerald, that also love to travel and she has graciously passed on some information from her last trip about traveling, shopping and eating gluten free as a celiac ~ with the promise to also supply me with more info as they take trips - so nice of her. I have kind of separated it into three blogs to keep the areas they visited and passed through together.  These will be a first of my new Gluten Free Travel posts - as I will start setting up my own travel experiences the same way.

So as we kind of just sprung with this idea - these first posts won't come with pictures of food she ate - but good to have the first hand account of places that were successful in dining or shopping for someone with Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance. And I am pretty well just posting this as written ... as the comments are not my own experiences. 

Ships A-Hoy Fish and Chips – separate preparation and fryer, change gloves etc.
They do not have a website, but here is a link to trip advisor reviews
~ Had the halibut and fries.  So yummy!  Put gluten free stuff separate from rest of order.  Can eat out on the beach or they have a few tables inside and out.  

Fernando’s Pub (cool pub downtown - Mexican food) - The owner has Celiac Disease ~ almost whole menu is gluten free. Almost everything is $7 on the menu  The nachos are awesome!

West Kelowna
19 Okanangan Grill at Two Eagles Golf Course (eat inside or on patio overlooking golf course). Many gluten free options and very aware about needs of those with celiac disease.  Delicious! 

Golden, BC-
Island Restaurant - Overlooks Kicking Horse River, gluten free menu. Dine inside or on patio.
Had Geschnetzeltes (sliced buffalo in creamy mushroom brandy sauce- German dish). Very good! Server very well informed about celiac disease and options.  Sorry, can’t remember if they had dedicated deep fryer.

Golden, BC
Eagle’s Eye Restaurant at Kicking Horse Resort (need to take gondola up – can’t remember how much it cost as we bought a package so we could go to the grizzly bear refuge too).
Had the burger with gluten free bun and a salad. They were well informed about gluten free options and celiac cross contamination needs.  Server very nice and helpful and food was good!  Beautiful view and can go for a hike after.

Golden, BC-
Kicking Horse General Store- Product - vodka mudshakes (vanilla and pina colada) gluten free. Looked these shakes up online

Would love to take that trip up the Gondola to the Kicking Horse Resort - good to know that the restaurant is able to accommodate Celiac dining - YAY!  :)

Thank you Michelle for all the awesome information!

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