Friday, January 20, 2012

Press'd Sandwiches

I seem to have a list of things I want to write about ~ which I will ~ but not a lot of energy right now, working on that ~ so I thought I would take a prime opportunity and pull in a guest writer to talk about the sandwich place called "Press'd" that is making an awesome effort to accommodate the gluten free community.  I don't work downtown so I can not take advantage of this new offering but oh so glad that my guy has another option to eat downtown during the week ~ Hooray for Press'd ~

So to introduce my guest writer: KH - my guy and his experience with the new "gluten free option" at Press'd  :)

"Press'd Sandwiches introduced a gluten free sandwich option at the Edmonton City Center Mall location starting on January 9th. The location on Jasper Avenue and 112 Street had already been serving a gluten free option, but it took a little more time for the City Center location to come up with a safe gluten free sandwich without risk of cross-contamination.  After a campaign using social media as a source of input, Press'd City Center decided to create one of their signature sandwiches each day with a limited number of them safely created as gluten free. 

I was able to take advantage of this on their first day, heading down to City Center Mall and getting one of their Club Press'd sandwiches on Kinnikinnick gluten free bread.  You can order either a half or a full sandwich order... the half size sandwich being the size of gluten free bread (which is naturally smaller), and the full order being two sandwiches.  The sandwich was prepared in a separate area in Press'd, on the opposite end and very clearly away from the area where the other sandwiches (and breads) are handled and made.  The club sandwich had the addition of tomato, lettuce and cheese topped over ham, turkey and bacon.  I ordered the full order, and found that it provided me with more than enough to eat.  With the advances being made in creating gluten free bread today, the quality of the bread was great, and the sandwich was delicious.

Working within close proximity of City Center Mall, Press'd provides an easy and affordable gluten free lunch option for me.  In addition, many of my coworkers frequent Press'd for lunch as well, so having a gluten free option at a place that we all can enjoy is amazing."

Thank you so much for writing this review for me ~ and for anyone with a facebook link make sure you check out the Press'd link - as they post up each weeks menu for the gluten free options each day for the week, so you can even plan ahead which day you would like to take advantage and go and try out a sandwich for lunch!  :)


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  1. I believe they are now serving the new soft Kinnikinnick bread there!