Monday, January 30, 2012

A night at "Jubilations" ...

I was invited by a few friends to go to the new show playing at "Jubilations"  ~ what is Jubilations some may ask ~ it is a dinner theatre.  In this case the show that is playing now - From Jan 27/12-Apr 1/12 is "Glee"  ~ so at this dinner theatre the concept is a bit more unique than some others I have been to ~ it is called an "Interactive Dinner Theatre" so the actors all stay in character the entire time and do actually serve you the four course meal through out the evening.  It is quite entertaining and the show was fabulous.  I won't give too much away about the content and the show but will say that it was a pleasure to sit and watch such a talented group.  Now for the food ... being a celiac and going to a dinner theatre just takes an extra step or two ... like making sure you call ahead and speak to them about your dietary restrictions.  I called the box office a couple days before we were to go and that seemed a sufficient amount of time to call ahead. 

It was a good experience talking to the young lady on the phone ~ she didn't even hesitate when I let her know I was celiac and right away said oh yes we can definitely accommodate and put me on hold for about half a minute which she reached for the options that they have.  She let me know that my salad was fine but would come without the dressing, the soup was ok as is, gave me a choice between a couple entrees and once finding out I have a lactose intolerance as well ~ suggested the fruit plate was the safest option for my desert (which I am use to haha) ~ so all set.  I was to tell my server/actor when I arrived that I had a special meal ordered and they would take care of everything from there.  All good.

So when we arrived ~ I let "Thomas Singer" our actor/server know about the special menu and he already was fully aware and definitely gave me a sense of "safety" if you will ~ one that sometimes lacks in any eating out situation ~ but I felt as if I was in good hands and settled in to enjoy the show and the food.

We were served a butternut squash soup "Schoop's soup" for our first course and as it was already gluten free it was all good.  It wasn't by any means a thick or filling soup ~ but it was very tasty and had a warm smooth winter soup aroma ~ quite enjoyed it and will have to think of making some up at home one chilly evening.  Then we were treated to our salad course "Sue's Salad" ~ when he brought out the huge trays of salad - my "special" no dressing salad was being held by his hand and I took it from him ~ that way it wasn't even on the same tray as the others ~ it was a simple green salad ~ had the add of mandarin orange slices ~ and a cucumber ~ it was a bit plain I found without a dressing.

As we are all being served and eating ~ on the stage and around us in the aisles there are little skits going on ~ the odd song being sung by one of the main cast of characters ~ so quite entertaining.  Then after our salads ~ the first act (first part of the story) and when the lights came up our main entrees were already heading up the aisles with our server/actors.

For my entree I ordered the Prime Rib dinner "Baritone Beef" ~ and as I was told this dish was also prepared gluten free - the gravy being thickened with corn starch.  The prime rib, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables that we all received were very well done, the Prime rib was succulent and not too fatty - the gravy was delicious and the seasoning on the vegetables and mashed potatoes was just right.

Then the Second Act ... Our desert ... my "fresh seasonal fruit plate" of pineapple, grapes, watermelon, honey dew melon, strawberries, and cantaloupe was tasty enough ~ though in truth just fruit - it would be nice for restaurants, dinner theatres etc to be able to give more options for those that have gluten and dairy sensitivity ~ they do have a celiac friendly cake and Ice cream options for those with just a gluten sensitivity  ~ and I just noticed now that they do have an orange sherbet on their menu (being lactose friendly) but as I wasn't offered this option may not be celiac friendly?  I will have to call and just inquire on that to note for future shows.  For I definitely intend to go back to Jubilations - there dinner theatre evenings are priced well and the evening is an enjoyable one ~ entertaining and I have to say they served at least a one thumbs up meal ~ satisfying me enough that I would definitely recommend the evening and the service to others.

The show was awesome ~ if you enjoy musicals ~ this one rocked, I enjoyed their choice and mix of songs both older and new ~ and I can't say enough how blown away I was by the amazing voices of the main characters.  Seriously impressive!

Thumbs up for Jubilations and giving this celiac girl a great evening!  :)

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