Monday, November 14, 2011

An Udi's inspiration ...

I have to give a big hand of applause to Udi's for figuring out how to make a delicious gluten free and dairy free bun - whether they come in their hamburger or hotdog (as above) I have not found a more tasty gluten free option out there.  I love the crust and the slightly chewy texture you get ~ we have all had buns that when you bit into them not only were they white like a piece of copy paper (truly that actually turns my appetite off) but then crumbled at a touch or first bite.  Udi's buns not only stand the aesthetic test - but when you add all the goodies that should go into one of these buns - they stay together and taste divine.  As you can see I am a real fan ~ :)  I love how because these buns are so tasty you have so many options, below is a picture of my own take on a philly cheese steak sandwich (minus the cheese haha) - and with the help of the one of the new products from M&M Meat Shops it is a meal that is delicious and quick to put together.  
It's a quick pull together - I used the pre-formed patties (Philly style beef steaks) from M&M Meat Shops and the classic Hot Dog buns from Udi's Gluten Free  Products -

Placed the beef steaks in their patty form in a pan (frozen) and started to cook them at a medium heat - adding some spices and peppers as it cooks - once you can see it is starting to brown then a quick flip over - let the patty cook almost all the way through and then lightly separate all the layers.

I saute and caramelize some white onions and peppers in a separate pan.

We leave the Udi's buns frozen until just before serving - defrost them in the microwave from 45-60 seconds - they are the best just freshly defrosted - still warm and moist - add the philly beef steak and then the onions and peppers on top - use a little mustard and wow - it's a quick and simple sandwich - to make into a fuller meal, add a salad or some gf fries and you have a very tasty meal.

I love the texture and the taste of the Udi's buns - and have found so many more combinations of sandwiches that they have inspired.

mmmmmmmm ... good eats :)

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