Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Glass Monkey - and our Gluten Free Experience

My friend Michelle picked The Glass Monkey Gastropub as our next dining experience - so she did the due diligence we always do before dining somewhere new - by checking out their knowledge and accommodation of Celiacs dining - gluten free choices and cross contamination issues.  She had the pleasure of emailing with the owner Rob Filipchuk and so off we went on a lovely Thursday evening to try out this Gastropub for the first time.

I was immediately was enticed by the bistro / pub vibe you get when you walk in ... will have to get a picture of the layout next time we go because for sure there will be more dining at The Glass Monkey.  We were offered a choice of seating options - either out on the patio, or at either a higher pub table closer to the bar and the Sports TV's or on the lower tables in the attached dining area.  We decided even though a lovely evening to sit inside at the lower tables ... once the hostess seated us - we were greeted by a very nice man who would be our server for the evening - he took our drink orders and as he was filling these the owner himself Rob came to our table.  Knowing of our reservation and familiar with our gluten free dining needs he proceeded to fill us in on the dining style at the Gastropub (from small plates, tapas to full meal dishes), and advise us of our best options on the menu and what their talented chef and staff could do to other options to make them gluten free.

We started off by sharing a  Charcuterie Board (sorry we dug right in and forgot to take a picture - next time ;)  Which they served to us replacing the crostini with some tasty gluten free seed crackers instead.  
I started with a delicious "soup of the day" that day it was a creamy lobster bisque - what a heavenly aroma that was followed by a well simmered taste.   
Michelle ordered the broccoli and I was fortunate enough that she shared!  Delicious - roasted with 
a walnut vinaigrette and sprinkled with Pecorino cheese - I love broccoli but this elevated it!


And we both dined on the Fish Tacos for our main dish - I will be going back just for these!  They were amazingly tasty and honestly I could have had more!  

Everything from the atmosphere, friendly vibe to the amazing food will be a good reason I recommend dining here for my friends.  It has a fun Gastropub atmosphere so great for a couple's date to dining out for the evening with friends.  We talked the evening away and they were very gracious to keep refilling our water glasses and letting us ladies chat the evening away - of course they were not as busy as they would be on some of their nights so we did not feel as though we were holding a table, would have been different if they were.  Loved our evening and can't wait to go back and bring our significant others!  They have a Happy Monday Wine night!  Will definitely have to go back and enjoy one of these evenings soon.  

And you can make reservations on Open Table

The Glass Monkey Gastropub
5842-111 Street Northwest 
Edmonton AB T6H 3G1

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