Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lazia Restaurant - North End

 Lazia Restaurant - We had a delicious supper at Lazia ~ As we were with family I only took a couple pictures and forgot to take a picture of our delicious mussel dish we had as an appetizer - all the more reason to go back for another supper soon!  :)

We did call before we went to the restaurant we had noticed that on their website only a few items were marked so we call to inquire if there were more options available, and yes we were assured that we definitely could be accommodated with a number of items on the menu.  So this was good to hear.

White fish, scallops, shrimp, mussels, salmon and veggies
When we were seated we let our waitress know that as Celiac we would need to be eating Gluten Free - she showed no hesitation in knowing what we were talking about and went to get us what Lazia has put together for a Gluten Free Menu.  On this menu there were more items - including appetizers - that were not marked on the internet site.  First we ordered the Mussels - which came in a Cherry Tomato White Wine sauce, they were delicious - in the sauce was also shaved carrots, cherry tomatoes and peppers - very nice.

Alberta Boneless Shortrib
Kevin had the Alberta Boneless Shortrib ... with mashed potatoes and vegetables ... the meat was very tender and the sauce very tasty. The vegetables in both dishes were very fresh and cooked to just right - still having just a bit of crunch to them.  And the cherry tomatoes in our mussel dish and Kevin's Shortrib dish were not mushy .. loved that.
KL Seafood Pot
I decided to have the KL Seafood Pot ~ that comes with a side order of white rice, it was delicious.  The sauce in the seafood pot was just a bit spicy, I spooned it on to my white rice and it was so yummy.

13503 St. Albert Trail
ph: 780-488-3823

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