Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Brown Rice Crisps

I had to post about these awesome rice crisps that I enjoy.  I am glad that they named them so well because seriously they are not a rice "cracker" so to speak ... they are a rice crisp .. the texture is very light and crispy and they have a satisfying crunch.  They are a rice cracker that I enjoy all on their own ... which I can not say for a few other brands, because the are so thin and with none of that chewy styrofoam feel you can sometimes get with a rice cracker.  They are delightful.

We have picked them up at London Drugs in the past, but also this last few boxes we have purchased have come from our local Safeway ... I will keep my eye out for other places that might carry them as well and update this post.  :)

Seriously good ~ even if you haven't cared for rice crackers in the past ... these are certainly different and quite a refresh on the rice "cracker" .... THEY ARE CRISPS!  :)

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