Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Time is just whipping by ...

Summer is just flying by ... on one hand that makes me terribly sad because we have so few months of really nice growing weather (for flowers and lovely yards) and lake and vacation weather that you hate to see it go ... on the other hand since we have bought our new house ... this summer is a huge one of work outside so maybe the break of winter (because Fall time will be busy as well) won't seem so bad this year ... maybe I can catch up on other interests. 

I have to say that though I finally was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2008 so have had four years of learning to live with Celiac Disease ... I am still struggling with all aspects and "side effects" of learning to live my life without gluten ~ still coping with the fatigue, weight gain, stomach upsets ~ ect. and even the overwhelming disappointment and sometimes anger yes sometimes it all seems to be pretty upsetting ~ of living with this disease and not only learning to cope yourself but helping others also.  Reading what others with Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance or sensitivity have to go though and the issues they face and knowing we are all "working" it on it does help ... don't you think? 

I haven't been blogging or actually doing too much with social media at all for a while ... and it is not for lack of inspiration or the desire to do so ... just the lack of time and energy.  I am just "pooped" ha ha - yep used that word, but it is the plain honest truth ... and I know I need to stop being so hard on myself for not being "Super-Woman" and being able to do it all, for taking a moment in life when I am not weeding the yard (because right now that is the focus of all the yardwork ha ha - what you get for buying a house with a large yard that needs work ;) to get out and enjoy life. 

The time will seem short to enjoy the summer months and so I will continue to do what I can ... and as the days get shorter but chillier and darker and we are once again spending more time in the house than out of it ... then I will have time to get back to my writing and sharing.  I look forward to that time for this reason ... I truly miss writing and blogging ... and also doing other creative tasks to round out life, too much work can dull the senses I say haha ... I find the creative outlets of blogging, painting, cooking, scrapbooking, reading ect to be essential to handling the stresses of everyday.

For now ... it's back to battling the weeds ha ha ... and helping my flowers grow!  :)

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  1. Beautiful flowers! ;) Gardening does take time, devotion and energy! I do a little every day and still do not do "enough" :) I know what you mean about trying to "do it all" and still be healthy and recover from CD. We should just do what we can and let the rest fall away. Take care! Cheers, IrishHeart