Friday, May 18, 2012

NFCA Celiac Central - Article Tag ...

I have decided I need to do more "tagging" in my blog ... meaning I need to highlight more of the information I find and read and share it ~ not only as a great reference resource for myself but also to capture some of the amazing plethora of information out on the internet today ... and highlight the positive and more helpful articles.  Running a blog ~ any blog that the author may want to be successful, helpful and informative - is a huge time commitment.  I admire and respect the authors of blogs that are kept up to date and have a constant flow of information, recipes, guidance, experiences, news events, ect. the list goes on and on and on  ... and I want others to have as much access to this valuable information and awesome insights as well, among my own tidbits that I write ... my own reviews, experiences, product information, ect as well ~ of course. ;)  

On Facebook this morning I came across an article written on the "Celiac Central - Bits and Bites" Blog  - which is the staff blog of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness.   The article entitled:
5 Resources to Tackle Gluten-Free Roadblocks is full of some great information. 

I direct you to read the article - as it is has the great links to further search each resource - but for reference their 5 Resources listed:

1.  When you have a Question about Nutrition - Get an answer from a Dietician - the link is provided to the NFCA's question and answer site.

2.  When you are Struggling in the Kitchen -  Takes you to a tutorial recipe site called "Alternative Appetites".

3.  When your Grocery List is Getting dull -  Brings you to their "Gluten Free Hot Products".

4.  When you are Heading to College - Read "Great U".

5.  When your Non-Gluten-Free Friend wants to Cook you a Meal ...  Download "Entertaining Gluten Free Guests.  Which I found to be very helpful it links you to a PDF article ~ that I have now printed and downloaded for my own reference and to print and hand out to well-meaning friends and family that want to cook for us and still have us stay healthy ;)  A huge plus ...

Read the article ~ look at the links that you may find useful - knowledge is well ... good health ... and as that is something we as Celiacs ~ once diagnosed and on the Celiac path ;)  strive for every DAY of our lives ... Food becomes a huge part of your life when you find out it is FOOD and how our bodies react to it that runs everything in our lives ... from our moods - thoughts - actions -

Thank you Celiac Central for writing a great resource article ... and putting some of the great resources the NFCA has into one easy read ... :)   In our busy lives GOTTA LOVE THAT!!!  :)

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  1. Thank you for sharing our post! We are so glad that you find it helpful. Please enjoy the resources!