Friday, March 30, 2012

Doctors and Workshops - necessary for Good Health? ...

  So I get more involved, I work on getting healthier, I work on finding that balance ... juggling all the aspects of living life and still trying to "smell the flowers" ... and well something has to give and it has been my writing of late.  The list of places, experiences, products, foods, restaurants, cooking and recipes and so on, continues to grow ... I honestly admire those like Gluten Free Edmonton who blog on such a regular basis, we are out here and we are reading - thank you.

I took the plunge and found a dedicated family doctor - I have to say she still came as a recommendation from a friend, and I just lucked out that this doctor is in my area and she was accepting new patients.  I have been going to a Medi-centre since I moved to Edmonton - almost 12-13 years ago - the same one true, but not seeing the same doctor, and if I had issues always having to follow up with different doctors at the centre, and never getting a true picture when I do ~ as they read your file, results, history all in a matter of 5 minutes while they are standing there, not knocking these doctors - their days must be so long, and really it is in the hands of the individual what kind of care you need, and for many years before I was diagnosed - seeing a doctor one or twice a year if I needed a prescription or some antibiotics for something did fine.  Medi centres are not set up to service someone who has Celiac Disease - but I am grateful they are the ones that caught it and therefore took the steps to refer me to a gastroenterologist and get my life as being a Celiac under way.  So all the transferring of files, getting the new doctor familiar with me, my body and my health ~ took some time and effort, tests to go for and such, but in the end I am in a pretty good state - physically health wise, need to work on the stress issues (the "stop and smell the flowers and take some time for me" stuff) and I am on the right track.  It was really interesting to read through some of the reports over the last years as well, who knew that at any time I could have requested a copy of my own medical file (provided I wanted to pay for it) and actually read about things like test results, and letters from the gastro to the Medi Centre ~ who knew that it wasn't a strange thing to get a copy of blood work results?!  And even better to have a doctor now that goes over it with me, so I know what I am reading and where I should be in terms of levels.  Just saying I think even this small step has helped the "stress" levels of life ... yes ... we can not control that we have Celiac Disease, but we do have the power and control to understanding, treating, and healing what damage there may be.  Who ever thought I would have been happy to hear that my villi have healed and if I keep to my gluten free way of life my insides will be healthier?  Or that I would even know what "villi" even were haha.  Celiacs are more effective in being healthier with information.

My guy and I recently signed up for a two evening workshop called "Happy Tummy Digestion Workshop" with Dr. Melanie Robinson - held at Amaranth Whole Foods Market - we have completed the first evening of the two evening workshop and I am looking forward to the completion.  The first evening Dr. Robinson, who is a practicing Dr. of Naturopathic Medicine at the Optimum Wellness Clinic ~ explained more about the Naturopathic Medicine, gave some history about herself ~ and then a short presentation on the digestion system in it's entirety ~ it was long enough to be full of information, and give you a desire to find out more and short enough that it did not drag on a work night evening week.  We spent a few minutes shopping in the Amaranth Whole Food Market afterwards, they have a great selection of gluten free items - which are mostly marked with a defining colored sticker so things are easy to find.  :) Next weeks workshop is on the "Leaky Gut Syndrome" ~ a topic I have been meaning to do more research on, so it will be a good workshop.

Doctors and Workshops ... Information ... good.

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