Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Doing what you can ...

Well I have to admit - I have fallen in love with the "Pinterest" world - over a very short period of time ~ and have not been doing much writing, I have done more dreaming and planning, and more dreaming and planning.  I have found because my entire system feels a bit off ~ I am feeling fatigued and uninspired ~ so working on ways to reignite my motivation.  It is often hard to balance all the things we want to do in life - to balance what our bodies, soul and spirit all need to keep vibrant and moving forward...

I have had a drive to write about being gluten free and share a bit more with the world ~ I have become a newbie to Twitter as well as Facebook pages, I am looking for ways to become more involved and volunteer for our Celiac Chapter in our city, learning to blog with pizzaz ;) ~ putting together simple recipes, slowly learning how to write out ideas, recipes, inspiration ... AND in the last 6 months we have made some major moves in our life ... making a full commitment and settling into a new relationship, bought a house, moved two households into one, adopted a puppy ... and are working on a blended family.  A lot I have thrown on to my plate ... and then there is feeding my soul and spirit ... I am a crafter (many different crafts over the years) in the last 7-8 years it has been primarily scrapbooking, I love to garden and plant, dabble in painting, I love to take pictures ... I really appreciate the small and simple beauty we can find in our world, if we want to look.  It is this creative spirit that Pinterest appeals to ... I am enjoying the glimpse into what people (all sorts of people) find inspiring, thought provoking, goal making, motivating  .... interests, dreams, hobbies, plans ... amazing and visually stimulating ... It fires up my dormant spirit to be creative ~ now to just figure out the balance of the outlet so that all the wonderful new things (to me) like blogging, tweeting, Facebook, writing don't take a back seat to the my other loves. 

I loved this simple quote ~ and done in such a creative way (mixed media look is becoming my new love):

Do what you can
with what you have
Where you are ...

Very good then ... We shall  :)


  1. Hey, keep up the great work. I agree you need to find the balance, and make sure blogging doesn't become work for you. You should be spirited like you have been.

    Great to see that you are going to become more involved. We need it! I hope you will be volunteering at the Casino fundraiser.

    As for pinterest. I just started too! Any boards to share? We can share gluten free recipes to try.

    --Abisaac Saraga

  2. Thank you so much for the comment ~ And thank you for the motivational influence you and Amanda have been ~ Gluten Free Edmonton Rocks!

    I am enjoying becoming more involved with something that is close to my heart ~ eating well and staying healthy! :)

    Sherri :)