Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gluten Free Slow Cooker Recipe Share ...

I really want to start using our slow cooker more ... we have a busy family of three, all working full time and sometimes going in different directions in the evenings ~ as it is I find it a chore some days to think of what to make for supper, as when you get home it is already late.  Only so many times a month you can throw meatloaf on or make chili ... today it was so nice to put a roast into the slow cooker, that had been marinating last night - cover it with just carrots (because I forgot to do potatoes - but that will take a half an hour when I get home) set it and go to work.  Knowing I will have the main part of our meal waiting cooked when we get home. 

To use my slow cooker more I know I need to get a bit more organized ... which is one of my goals this year - for meal times.  I know the reward will be a bit more variety in our suppers, as well as a time saver and less stress when it comes to the nightly "what should we make for supper?".

I came across an awesome helpful site today that I need to share - I know I also want to bookmark this site well for myself as I know I will be referring back to it often. 

Divine Health - from the Inside and Out - Lydia did an amazing post up entitled "80 Gluten Free Slow Cooker Recipes"  - Thank you Lydia. 

I just wanted to share this site - share the wealth of knowledge we do have ...
And I hope to get to some more gluten free slow cooking incorporated into our weekly meals!


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