Friday, September 6, 2013

Gluten Dude and a Fabulous Mega Mail Bag post ...

Well our lives have been turned a bit sideways in our home in the last few months so I have kind of just dropped from the picture for a while to regroup, re-prioritize, and refresh.

So today I am going to point those that kindly still come and visit my blog and wait for updates to an awesome blogger - Gluten Dude - now he has the same problems as most of us bloggers do - how to keep up with all that there is to write but he has the job a hundred fold next to little ol' me ha ha.   He has an awesome website ~ recently reformatted, you can seriously sit and read all day and still have so much more to read.  It's great and reason this man is so so busy trying to keep up ha ha.  And one of the bloggers that has seriously kept me inspired to stay blogging myself.

He posted a really really cool blog post today ... Called it the "Mega-Mail" bag ... he took a whole bunch of letters (emails) and questions and put them into one post ... then answered what he could, threw out the query to his loyal group of followers ;) to add and also see if they have answers to others.

Gluten Dude's - Mega-Mailbag Post 

It is a fabulous post ... chalk full of great information ~ and so I am going to direct you to this amazing post and also all the wonderful people who are answering the queries also. 

Love what Gluten Dude does ... straight forward information, a bit on the edge some days ha ha but always with a good intention of helping us all along on this adventure of learning to live with Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance. 

As for me ... I have tonnes I would love to write about ... local restaurant reviews to information ect ... still a bit overwhelmed at this time ... but I will be back! 

The best is wished for you all,

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