Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Shout out to Gluten Dude and Irish Heart ... Be Thankful

Thankful for the beautiful daisies my son bought me for my birthday :) 
Wow ... I just read one of the best posts by Gluten Dude and his guest poster - Irish Heart ... and it touched me.  Though they are writing from places that are now this weekend are having "Thanksgiving" and up here in Canada we have been there done that ;)  they are writing about a subject that touches a lot of our hearts - to be THANKFUL ... While as a fellow Celiac I struggle with that every day ~ seriously lately, it is hard to be thankful when you feel so out of control of your health and emotions ~ but this post is so lovely in its simplicity.

Yes life can be a struggle at times having Celiac Disease ... no scratch that Life is a struggle at times ~ but we need to continue to try and focus on the good moments - no matter how simple or brief they may feel.

Like it was some good moments - having a potluck with Celiac Friends a couple weekends ago ... I felt blessed and thankful for that evening ~

I feel thankful for having a supportive man in my life ~ that has found eating gluten free has greatly improved his health and so for the most part our home is safe (my son still eats gluten but he is very careful - and of course he has a mom that cleans up after him ha ha)

I feel thankful for my bestie Dawn - she herself has an auto immune disease hypothyroidism and understands the struggles with diet being something that needs to be watched to control it.  She is a great and understanding friend in my life.

I feel thankful for my son and my sister ~ though neither truly understand Celiac Disease it does not stand in the way of their love for me ~ and they weather the ups and downs along with me.

These are a few things I am thankful for ... I read somewhere of a good exercise - a small step I am going to try and get back doing ~ simply to jote down one thing you are thankful for everyday ~ just before you go to sleep.  Started last night ~ use to do it a couple years ago but got out of the habit.  It is just a simple exercise to keep me "looking up" and reflecting on something postive.

Please give a read to Gluten Dude's Post today ...


What is one thankful thought you have today?

Take care
Sherri :)


  1. Great colours to make some one happy

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  2. As I said in the post, I am thankful for good people like you who share their thoughts and experiences with others!
    We are in this together. I just spoke with a man (my chiropractor asked me to talk to him about his spiraling health and obvious gluten issues) and after we talked, he said simply "wow, I am so glad I called. Now, I don't feel so all alone". Nope, we need not feel alone.

    Happy Birthday to you--nice flowers!! :)

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out Sherri. We are indeed all in this together.