Friday, September 21, 2012

Sigh ... it's time ...

It is time to do something about how I am feeling ~ as I know going gluten free is just not enough.  I have gained so much weight, and I am feeling quite ill and uncomfortable most of the time, energy is low, patience is thin and how I am feeling is starting to affect my self worth and happiness.

It's time to seriously look at making some changes ... AGAIN ... today I can openly say I feel like "Celiac Disease Sucks" ... I can understand the feeling of being overwhelmed most of the time after diagnosis ... because even after you get the "NO gluten for the rest of your life" spiel from your gastroenterologist where does that leave you ... it's a steep learning curve that has people sometimes feeling a bit alone and lost.  Sure we have tonnes of information out on the internet these days ... so provided you have the time, patience and energy to read read read and research research research you can find some answers that can give you a guideline ect.   In this - the wide world web - we are certainly more equipped in this day and age to find some answers, thank god for the web - 4 years ago when my celiac disease was caught by a young female doctor who was determined to give me a proper complete physical - all the blood work included - I had never even heard about "gluten" or about "Celiac Disease" and there was less to find ... I can't believe how far the whole issue has come,
in some ways it's been good - in other ways not so much (a lot of misinformation floating around out there as well) ...

One of the awesome pluses of the explosion of social media and communication on the internet is the "birth" so to speak of the wide field of bloggers ... some I need to check in on a regular basis - amazing "real" bloggers like for one example "Gluten Dude"  - who in this link is openly and honestly telling us how he is doing on his "Whole 30 Day" program - which in his words he explains as:

"For those of you not in the know, the Whole30 Program consists of 30 days of eating nothing but whole foods.
No grains, no dairy, no added sugars, no alcohol. A whole lotta nothing."

I enjoy reading articles that delve deeper into what is truly needed to heal properly from Celiac Disease:  Such as this article written by: SCD LifeStyle: Titled:  "The Toxic Truth about Gluten Free Food and Celiac Disease"   - Bringing to light the serious "others" that are affecting our health and why as Celiacs who are eating gluten free we may still be feeling ... well just freakin' yucky ... to put it simply.

Having Celiac Disease is so so so much more than a diagnosis - there is a steep learning curve at times - if you don't feel that you are actually having continued improving health on just a gluten free diet - to figure out what the next step will be.

So yes ... for me ... it's time to make some changes - I am a bit grumpy and down today about having to study and make more changes to my diet ... seems your whole world revolves around food - and in reality that gets so tiring at times.  I do know I want to feel better, I want to feel healthy, I want more energy, lightness and also I want to lose weight.  So it is time for a few changes ... I will be totally honest that I am a bit scared and nervous at the prospect of sitting down and well doing something like the "Whole 30 day Program" or eliminating other "toxins" that I have become accustomed to ... and we are heading off on a week Disney Cruise soon so how it is going to fit into that?!  ha ha questions questions excuses excuses ... but it's time ...

Think I need to put that on my fridge ... ;) 


  1. It's a noble plan (and I have tried valiantly to follow it many times since my DX :) ) and if you cannot do it strictly each day for whatever reason, you still make progress eliminating most of those foods on a consistent basis that "may" be causing you continued symptoms.

    In other words, I suggest we all not look at anything as "for the next 30 days, I'm going to be so strict I will hate it"; rather view it as: for the rest of my life, I will strive to eat more "cleanly".

    We live with enough restrictions and well-placed fears about cross-contamination and we need not make ourselves insane about food & drink --to the point where we find eating a chore and unpleasant.

    Food should be enjoyed.
    Just my humble opinion, of course. :)

    and hey, have fun---Enjoy your cruise!! :)

  2. Change is good Sherri. I used to fear I try my best to embrace it. Sorry to hear you continue to struggle. Many of us still do...and I have a sinking feeling we always will. It becomes a matter of dealing with the uncertainty of how you'll feel on any given day.

    Hang in there (and thanks for the shout out!)