Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lit Italian Wine Bar ... with friends

A few weeks back we were once again venturing out to dine with a small group of fellow celiacs (and partners) and tonight's restaurant of choice was the "Lit Italian Wine Bar" on 104th street.  Kevin and I had never been there - but I had tried a sampling of their food at the "Taste of Edmonton" in the summer and was looking forward to the evening.

We went on a Thursday evening and the Wine Bar was full but did not feel too crowded - it is a small-ish intimate dining establishment - two floors (I did not venture up to the second floor - so will definitely have to go again and check that out ;).  We were seated just inside the front entrance - a long drapery from the second floor ceiling down to the floor backed the diners at our table from the entrance side.  As our group made reservations a head of time our waiter was aware of our gluten free requirements, and was pretty accommodating ~ we were brought complimentary bowls of popcorn to our table ~ which went quickly and was quite tasty, kind of a nice light alternative to the usual bread at the table.     
We all ordered a different plates ~ one plate in common with a few of us was the calamari -I loved the way it was prepared - not the usual plate of small individual rings but in slices of squid that were dusted with cornstarch, slightly spiced and lightly deep fried to a golden crispy texture ~ came in a fair sized portion, perfect for sharing as an appetizer for two, or in the case of one of our diners she had for her main course.
The calamari came with two sauces ~ one creamy in texture and taste and the other with a tomato base, both complimented the calamari. 

For our mains Kevin and I chose two of the salads on the menu - on and eye catching bed of mixed greens - I will have to go back and get the proper names and descriptions for these delicious salads ~ unfortunately the Lit Italian Wine Bar site is down so I can not pull up a menu to give you a proper description of these tasty dishes.

Lightly seared tuna on a bed of mixed greens with a slightly sweet sauce.
Perfectly cooked sliced beef tenderloin on a bed of mixed greens 
 I think that the Lit Italian Wine Bar would be a lovely place to go for light meal, a great glass of wine and conversation.  I did find that the live entertainment that evening was a bit loud once it started, it was a lovely woman singing and playing her guitar - but as it was right across from our table it made it difficult to talk or hear among our group. I am sure I would have enjoyed sitting and listening to her more had I just been out with my honey for a drink and light fare ~ rather then getting to know new friends.  May have made a difference as well if we had been sitting a bit away from the entertainment, as it was it did make it difficult to talk among each other once she started to play.

I will definitely go back with a few friends or just with my Kevin for a relaxing evening of sipping wine, more of that delicious calamari :) and to listen to the live entertainment, makes for an enjoyable evening ~ or a perfect way to end a movie date night. :)  
Lit Italian Wine Bar  -   (780) 757-6688
10132 104th Street Map.df61265
Edmonton, AB T5X 1J7
A few more dishes others enjoyed at our table: 
bocconcini cheese wrapped in proscuitto - with GF bread

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