Monday, July 25, 2011

The Creperie

January 18, 2011

Kevin and I went for supper on Friday night and we happily chose The Creperie to dine at that evening ~ this dining establishment (for it is surely more than a "restaurant") continues to be my favorite place to have supper at ~ and has fit a number of occasions. I have gone there with girlfriends, just having a friendly supper with two, for group dining - either work colleagues or sister and her friends, and my favorite way to go is of course with my man Kevin ~ for a romantic and lovely meal out on the town. :)

For someone who has high standards being a Celiac - I think the service at the Creperie is an established bar set for other restaurants to look at. From the moment you walk in you are not only struck by the pleasing and cosy ambiance of the place, but the fact that they serve patrons with Celiac/Gluten Intolerance right from the "get go". Not only do they place a menu in front of you that looks the same as the other menus with gluten on them, bound and leather (not a binder or sheet of paper) but it is a full menu - they give you plenty of options. Appetizers, salads, full list on entrees and deserts! And the food is seasoned and sauced just like you would do in your own home, not a plain hunk of meat on your plate devoid of taste.

AND they bring you gluten free bread to the table as a courtesy starter ~ like any other patron that receives this courtesy. That from the first sitting at this establishment impressed me beyond any other experience I have had in a restaurant. MY OWN bread!!! Safe, warm, and yummy. :)

We started our meal with a delicious appetizer of Crab, Artichoke and Parmesan cheese dip with tortilla chips and gluten free bread. It's delicious! For my entree I chose one of the dishes that has become my favorites - the Lamb shank, I remember the first time I ordered this dish how it was explained to me the slow process they have for preparing this dish, it's amazing the meat is so tender and tasty, literally falls off the bone ~ and served with a healthy portion of mixed seasonal vegetables and creamy mashed potatoes. Heaven.

The ambiance of The Creperie is so inviting - the front entrance really is nothing to look at and as you come down the stairs you wonder at first what kind of dive you are entering, and then you are swallowed up by old world charm, the cozy and woodsey feel of wine cellar, very private and romantic, or just cozy and intriguing ~ like I said whatever the reason I go to dine there, the atmosphere has always fit the bill. And I should not forget the staff!! From the host/ess, to the waiters and servers I have always found them to be pleasant, accommodating, and professional. And I have to tip my hat to those I don't see, the men/women in the kitchen who bring such talent in making the fabulous food that is set in front of me, bravo and thank you from the bottom of my heart and my stomach haha. :) The Creperie is a top notch experience and the best service in dining that I have found to this date in the city. :)

Definite thumbs up for us ~ and I can see myself dining there again and again for many years to come!

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  1. Thank you for giving me HOPE! I am newly Celiac ... managing very well ... and not overwhelmed ... YET ... The Creperie is my hubby and my 'special' place ... I thought we would NEVER be able to go there again! I am so glad we can continue our anniversary tradition and I get my OWN bread!!! :-) You made my day!